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Ingram Homes build exceptional quality new homes in East Anglia.  Ingram Homes is a family run business which was established in 1972.  We have a strong and vibrant team and ensure that all of our skilled tradesmen are fully trained and qualified to ensure your new home is of the highest quality.  We produce a relatively small number of high quality properties and this is done with a view of maintaining our exacting standards. The firm is also A1 rated with the NHBC.


The current company was formed in 1972 but building in the Ingram family goes back a long way. Frederick ‘Fred’ Ingram began building as F.J.C.Ingram Ltd. in North London in the 1920’s.  He was a very successful builder and naturally took a keen interest in what his grandson, Derek, was doing when he decided to move to Norfolk and establish the building firm Derek Ingram Ltd. in 1972.  In continuing the heritage of building within the family, Derek’s son, John, took over the firm in 2006 and rebranded the company as Ingram Homes.

One such development of around 500 houses by ‘Fred’ Ingram, called ‘The Woodside Park Garden Suburb’, was completed in 1935.  The smallest ‘D’ type home, a 3 bedroom semi-detached house, could be yours for a reservation fee of £5.  The freehold for this property was available for £840. Similar extended versions of this house are now selling for prices in excess of £1 million (as of 2016).  An extract from the 1933 sales particulars reads:

“The houses are extremely well-planned, labour-saving, soundly constructed, pleasing to the eye, pleasant to run and thoroughly good value for money. I do not call my houses ‘mansions’, ‘palaces’ or ‘super-houses’ but I do say that they are a good job and definitely worth inspection”.

Download the original Sales Brochure – 1933-brochure-woodside-park

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